Walter Griesser - Pioneer at Alpe di Siusi

There are a lot of black-and-white pictures of a young man hanging on the walls of the hotel. It’s Walter Griesser.

He was a unique person with great ideas, an enormous strength of mind and ambition. Thanks to him the Seiser Alm is used touristically nowadays, because he was the pioneer who built in 1938 the first ski lift in the shape of a giant sledge. Exactly this sledge is exposed in front of our hotel and, if you want to, there you can discover more about it.
But this wasn’t his first and last masterpiece. He built also a so called „triangle-ski-lift“, which made it possible to reach the Puflatsch/Bullaccia. Walter was also very attracted by the “Rosszähne”, where he built a ski tow which, believe it or not, was kept in motion by a simple motorcycle (just a little evidence for his imaginativeness). You can see a picture of this lift on the second floor of our hotel. Numerous avalanches complicated his activities after some reconstruction attempts. Also the Second World War left traces at his constructions, but at the end of the war he rebuilt and opened them to the public again with a lot of patience and persistence.

Walter wasn’t only a pioneer; he also raised four children together with his wife Henriette. Seldom was he at home, because he had to work very hard in order to boost the ski tourism, which wasn’t very popular at that time. He also needed to have the wherewithal in order to be able to feed his family.

But Walter never gave up, he had to back down a lot and to do without a lot of things, but, as you can see, it has been worth it.

We dedicated our „Walterstube“, which borders on the dining room, to our father, father-in-law and grandfather Walter, who, like his wife Henriette, died in 2007. The pictures you can see there are telling stories of his life. Behind
and near the reception desk you can also see two life-sized pictures of Walter.