The Schlern massive

The landmark of South Tirol, the Schlern, stings immediately in the eye by its weird form.

With his 2,563 metres the Schlern is not very high. Nevertheless, he is unmistakeable - his special form with offshore Santner-and Euringerspitze make him even the landmark of South Tirol.
The first ascent of the Schlernmassivs decreases to Johann Santner and the year 1880 - still today the Santnerspitze carries his name.
The limestone massif is really legendary: Witches should have romped about on the legendary mountain, it is said they have danced and celebrated their parties there.
In 1974 the Schlern became a nature reserve under protection with some adjoining surfaces, which was extended in 2003 to the nature park Schlern-Rosengarten.
A hiking tour on the landmark of South Tirol is a must and an unforgettable experience for every travelling friend.