Weather forecasts for Saturday, 05.12.20

General weather conditions

A low pressure system over the Mediterranean Sea causes a striking weather event.

Min 0° - Max 3°
Weather today

In the morning temporarily less intense snow fall, in the afternoon again widespread and heavy precipitations. Level of snowfall between 500 and 1300 m, in the East partly over 1500 m.

Min 1° - Max 4°
Weather tomorrow

Rain and snowfall all day long, heaviest precipitations in the East of the region. Limit of snowfall between 500 and 1500 m, temporarily hgher in the Dolomites. Over night precipitations will stop.


Mo, 07.12
Min -4° - Max 6°
Tu, 08.12
Min -5° - Max 6°
We, 09.12
Min -5° - Max 6°